Nuclear Module

Nuclear cardiologists are constantly striving to deliver the highest quality nuclear cardiac imaging to their patients. ImageGuideNuclear provides the ability to assess performance and develop the tools necessary to transform nuclear cardiology labs in the areas of patient safety and quality improvement. American Society of Nuclear Cardiology

ImageGuideNuclear was launched in 2015 and provides a standardized means of collecting data related to SPECT and PET cardiac imaging studies, which is integral to providing the ability to analyze performance on a meaningful level.

"ImageGuideNuclear comprehensively addresses the entire imaging process from indications and appropriateness, type of study performed and radiation dosimetry, to reporting results and compliance with major quality indicators.”
--Peter L. Tilkemeier, MD, Chair of the Registry Oversight Committee

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CMS has approved 16 QCDR Measures for the ImageGuide Registry

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