Echo Module

ImageGuideEcho is managed by the American Society of Echocardiography and exists to assess specific quality metrics and patient outcomes as a vehicle to drive technology application within the field of echocardiography for the benefit of stakeholders, including patients, physicians, and researchers, through analysis of echo-specific registry data.

Identified Goals:

  • Provide timely data feedback and tools for echocardiography labs
  • Facilitate fulfillment of regulatory and other reporting requirements
  • Inform health policy and reimbursement advocacy
  • Demonstrate the value of echocardiography
  • Serve as a platform for research and education
  • Link with outcomes data to trace the patient along the continuum of care
  • Allow for direct comparisons with ultrasound images captured during the study
  • Drive the future of the field of echocardiography by demonstrating the value of technology and opportunities for improvement and expansion

Quality Improvement with ImageGuideEcho

The portfolio of performance measures in ImageGuideEcho’s dashboard is carefully developed and curated by and for ASE members to provide the power to transform practice. With a wide range of measures to select from, physicians can compare their performance with national aggregates and pinpoint abnormalities. Monitor quality of care performance trends over time with ease with ImageGuideEcho’s intuitive dashboard, or drill down to see trends for individual physicians. The ImageGuideEcho dashboard interacts seamlessly with ImageGuideNuclear for multi-modality physicians, resulting in a single view of applicable measures. Use ImageGuideEcho to…

  • Determine opportunities for quality improvement
  • View individual physician performance compared to institutional and national aggregates
  • Compare quality against echocardiography-specific peer-established benchmarks
  • Recognize emerging trends through data analysis
  • Ensure data quality and study completeness with automated checks, balances, and error feedback for individual fields

ImageGuideEcho will begin with phase 1 by collecting data on site profiles, demographics, and TTE. Future phases of development include stress echo, TEE, and later, pediatrics and congenital heart disease. By creating phased data implementation that coincides with advanced registry capabilities, ImageGuideEcho is uniquely positioned to become the foremost authority on echocardiography data for physicians, hospital administrators, industry, researchers, and the government.

Easily Fulfill IAC – Echocardiography Requirements

Facilities or physicians participating in ASE’s ImageGuideEchoTM Registry are now able to view accreditation specific data within the Registry interface, reduce data entry redundancy, and streamline their regular accreditation application process by uploading the Registry’s QI documentation to report completeness and timeliness. Read more here.

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