ImageGuide Advances Cardiovascular Imaging

The ImageGuide Registry® provides the operational framework to support a community of practices committed to continuous patient-centered imaging, practice transformation, and innovation through ongoing data collection and quality improvement. The ImageGuide Registry provides data-related tools and resources, including the strategic development of educational, quality, and patient safety programs. Participants can measure and benchmark performance to achieve quality improvement at the provider and laboratory level, ultimately driving broader adherence to best practices.

Participating in the ImageGuide Registry enables providers to:

  • Gain access to benchmark reports and standardized performance data
  • Enhance patient care and improve lab efficiency
  • Successfully participate in regulatory programs on Medicare Part B services
  • Report on cardiovascular-imaging-specific performance measures, improvement activities, and advancing care information to satisfy requirements under MIPS
  • Demonstrate appropriate use of cardiac imaging tests to payers
  • Utilize a user-friendly platform with a variety of data submission methods for both nuclear and echo modules

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